Welcome to Snake Goddess Tarot!

LL.jpegMy name is Lori, and I have an absolute passion for the Tarot. I have studied the cards independently for many years, but recently I have felt a real shift in myself, and a firm belief that it’s time to make this my full time occupation. To further this end, I immersed myself in an intensive Tarot retreat at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, led by Mary K. Greer and Rachel Pollack, and also undertook an apprenticeship with a well-respected Tarot reader and witch in my home town of Toronto.

My educational background lies in Archaeology, Classical and Museum Studies, with a focus on Goddess worship and mythology. My career has been in the non-profit cultural fields, and I lived in Japan for several years, teaching English at an international university and traveling as much as humanly possible within Japan and Southeast Asia. I love to travel, particularly in Asia, South America, and the Caribbean, and many of the photos on this website were taken by me during my travels.

I believe that the Tarot is a powerful tool for reflection, guidance and self-knowledge. I use the cards to help people make good decisions, and to connect with their own higher selves and inner knowing. I don’t see the Tarot as a simple fortune-telling device, that cards go much deeper than this. A reading with me will help you see your true path, give you clarity and heightened self-awareness, and boost your confidence when it comes to important decision making. I look forward to exploring the cards with you!

All Illustrations on this site from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck reproduced by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902 USA.  Copyright ©1971 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.  Further reproduction prohibited.

Questions? I love questions! Contact me!

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